The Noteorious Chorus

The Greater Monroe Chapter of The Barbershop Harmony Society, The Noteorious Chorus join us to harmonize a special Valentine's gift.
The Noteorious Chorus from the Greater Monroe Chapter of The Barbershop Harmony Society. is offering a special gift for a love one during Valentines Day. This is an alternative to a standard card or candy.

It is available for only $45.00 dollars, which includes a long stem rose with 2 loves songs serenaded to whom ever is designated.

The Noteorious Chorus will go to a work place, home, hospital , or wherever, the quartet in tuxedos will bring a wonderful surprise and lasting memory.

They have been doing this in the region since 1976 and it has always been a surprise that brings tears and smiled to the recipient.

For information:

Call 318-884-9329

To reserve a spot for your special Valentine.
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