Technology Center Coming Soon

A new technology center will bring hundreds of jobs to northwest Louisiana.
RUSTON, La. -- One company plans to put hundreds of people in north Louisiana to work over the next four years.

"They're projecting to hire 800 people; 800 jobs coming into north Louisiana," said Stan Napper, Vice President for Research and Development at Louisiana Tech University.

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) will be looking to employ people in computer science, information systems, and cyber-engineering, which is a special program at Louisiana Tech University.

Napper says this will challenge the university, in a positive way, to provide the workforce that CSC will need.

University officials believe the workforce needs of CSC align well with the academic programs offered at Louisiana Tech University. And it provides another opportunity for local graduates to stay within the state.

"Louisiana residents who often come to Louisiana universities often find opportunities outside of Louisiana," noticed Napper. "And now with CenturyLink at one end and CSC at the other end, there are going to be many many more opportunities for those students to find jobs closer to home."

CSC, a company with 18,000 employees nationwide and $13 million in revenue, chose Bossier City in a competitive site-selection process.

"They looked at 134 different sites to determine where they would put this new technology center," mentioned Napper.

The company plans to construct a 116,000 sq ft technology center in the National Cyber Research Park near the existing Cyber Innovation Center in Bossier City.

"The impact of this large company moving into Bossier City I think will be felt all along the I-20 corridor from Shreveport to Monroe."

Louisiana Tech University is part of the State Department of Economic Development's initiative to produce skilled workers, encouraging companies like CSC to set up here. Construction is expected to be complete by mid-2015.

"There's going to be smaller companies that support the big one," said Napper. "We're going to have sort of an innovation information ecosystem all up and down the I-20 corridor."
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