Seeking Safety in Storm Shelters

When the storm comes, do you have a plan to keep your family safe?
MONROE -- Severe storms typically strike the ArkLaMiss most often during the spring season. When the storm comes, do you have a plan to keep your family safe?

Viewer Buddy Ross says he has a storm plan.

"We keep the weather radio on in case there something coming that we're not aware of," mentioned Ross. "If it really gets bad, get in any interior room of the house."

He's right. But, for those who want even more safety, consider storm shelters.

"Construction is just very well done and it's very strong," commented James Adams with Trailer Headquarters.

With 2,000 pounds of 1/4" steel, this one's built like a tank.

James Adams with Trailer Headquarters in Monroe has recently gotten into the local storm shelter business.

Adams' company distributes shelters built in Indiana.

"We'll eventually quite probably manufacture them in Louisiana as well," said Adams.

The unit mounts above-ground, bolted to a concrete slab and can take winds up to 300 mph. This particular unit is designed to fit inside a garage. And it has two steel doors to provide an alternate exit in the event that one of them gets blocked by debris.

In late March, one of their Arkansas shelters was tested by damaging winds over 80 mph.

"We did install one in Snyder, Arkansas where they did have the extremely high wind last week," pointed out Adams. "So, it was very timely"

These tornado ports even come with a battery-operated am/fm, 2-way, and noaa weather radio.

Don't have a storm shelter?  Getting on the bottom floor in the center of a building is your best bet.

"Prepare for the fact that you will not have electricity or there's a strong chance you won't have electricity if there's a storm," said Neal Brown with Ouachita Parish Homeland Security.

Lists of emergency prep essentials can be found on Get A Game Plan.

Trailer Headquarters in Monroe supplies the Tornado Port storm shelters seen in this story. F-5 Storm Shelters is another local storm shelter supplier located in north Louisiana. Pricing information is available by contacting the companies.
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