Security Issues at Monroe City Court Raise Concern

The Chief Marshal says the problem isn't whether or not the surveillance equipment works, rather it's a need for upgraded technology.

MONROE – At Thursday’s budget meeting in Monroe, several people voiced their concerns about the security at the Monroe City Court Building.

Some of those concerns had to do with out-dated surveillance cameras and a lack of metal detectors. We decided to take a trip down to the Monroe City Court Building, to see if those concerns were cause for alarm.

What we found were dozens of cameras inside and outside of the Court Building.  The Chief Marshal tells us all of them work just fine, but it could be better.

"The issue with the security cameras is that it's not up to date," said Wise Highshaw, Chief Marshal. He says between surveillance cameras and restricted access, the building is buttoned up tightly. There are only two entrances the public has access to: the main entrance, and one for parole visits.

Another concern was whether or not metal detectors were working properly. Those all checked out, too.  But again:

“It is outdated, but it does do some of the work that needs to be done," added Highshaw.  

Besides metal detectors, armed officers are equipped with wands if further search is required

In other areas, employees were secure, behind bullet proof glass, and access to other areas was restricted with electronic sensors. The Marshal says as with most things, funding for new technology has been difficult to secure until now.

"We just got approved to buy new material, for the city court and city hall."

The next step is to meet with manufacturers to see what fits within their budget.  For now, the Marshal says the courtroom and judges are safe.

“I've got good people working for me, and they protect the courtroom and the judges, and it is actually safe, but anything can happen.”


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