Rep. McAllister Votes in Favor of Omnibus Bill

Congressman Vance McAllister voted in favor of the spending bill to fund the federal government until October.
West Monroe -- The U.S. House approved on a bipartisan 359-67 vote a massive spending bill to fund the federal government until October.

The bill includes all 12 of the individual annual spending bills packaged into one $1.012 trillion "omnibus" spending bill.

U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister, R-Swartz, released the following statement today after voting in favor of the Omnibus Bill.

““While this bill is by no means perfect for either party, I voted in favor of it because it does reduce government spending and ensures that disabled military retirees will be unaffected by any changes to military retirement benefits. I was also very happy to see that flood insurance premium increases will be delayed which will save a lot of people thousands of dollars in Louisiana. These are baby steps, but as I’ve said before, any reduction to our federal deficit even by a small amount, is a step in the right direction.”

The Senate is expected to approve the bill on Friday, sending it to President Obama for his signature before the stopgap funding expires Saturday.
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