Preventing Tax Mistakes

Lisa Lewis, CPA at Turbo Tax join us to talk about how to avoid mistakes when doing taxes.
It’s tax time! Americans are looking for ways to save money on their taxes and get their biggest possible refund back fast. What many people are unaware of are that there are easy, and often FREE resources available to accomplish these goals.

Tax expert Lisa Lewis discusses the most common mistakes people make when preparing their taxes and how to avoid them – including:

1.Forgetting necessary information - Be sure to gather all the necessary information such as tax documents and social security numbers to ensure your taxes are done right

2.Forgetting important tax credits/deductions – Making sure you maximize your credits and deductions for the year so you get back every dollar you deserve

3.Paying someone to do your taxes – 2/3 of taxpayers have a simple return and the biggest mistake is paying someone hundreds of dollars when they can easily do their taxes online for free.

4.Sending in your taxes by mail – E-file is a safe and secure way to get your biggest possible refund back fast.

5.Don’t procrastinate – Don’t procrastinate and file your taxes now! 80% of taxpayers get a tax refund and last’s year average refund was almost $3000. File now to get that money back in your pocket.

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