OPSO: Truck Crashed Into Lake, Suspect Tried To Kill Woman

Deputies say a man stole his father's truck, crashed it into a lake then tried to steal a woman's vehicle after attempting to kill her.
(OUACHITA PARISH) -- Around 9pm Wednesday night, Ouachita deputies say John Allen stole a truck from his father's house on Washington Street in West Monroe and crashed it into Cheniere Lake.
Authorities say he swam out of the lake then walked to a house on Cheniere Lake Drive where he showed up in his underwear, allegedly asking a woman to use her phone.

Deputies say he got in the house, attacked the woman and tried to smother her with a pillow.  Officials say she fought him off, he took her keys and ran outside, trying to take her car until the neighbor stopped him.  

Ouachita deputies took him into custody, but authorities say on the way to OCC he attempted to escape out of the vehicle after faking a medical condition.  Investigators say he later admitted to officers that his plan was to knock the deputy down to steal the patrol car.

He is charged with attempted second degree murder, theft, attempted theft and battery.  Authorities suspect he was under the influence of drugs.
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