Monroe City Council Introduces Food Truck Ordinance, Up for Final Adoption at Next Meeting

The Monroe City Council introduced the mobile food vendor ordinance at Tuesday night's meeting. The ordinance will be up for final adoption at next meeting.

The council voted 4 to 1 to introduce ordinance. Final adoption of the ordinance will take place at the next council meeting.

Councilman Ray Armstrong has been finalizing the ordinance for several months. 

"This is a very positive rage that is going on around the country," said Councilman Armstrong.

It outlines regulations needed to allow mobile food vendors to operate in the city. 

"These are highly regulated," said Armstrong. "The locations are gonna be determined by the businesses owners, they'll go to areas where there are parties, festivals."

Some council members, like Betty Blakes, said they have questions, but will look over the ordinance and ask those questions later.

Councilman Kenneth Wilson said some restaurants in his district are concerned.

"Some of the business in my district, were unaware of it and hadn't been notified, so I think we need to do a little bit more going to business by business notifying them of the trucks and making them aware of it," he said.

"They shouldn't be concerned, it offers opportunities for them. I think they may not understand that they have those opportunities," said Armstrong.

Another final version of the ordinance was brought to the meeting tonight, but the only changes involved clarifications of names and wording, according to the city attorney.

Mobile food business owners like Scott Dixon stepped up to voice their opinion. He spoke particularly about the ordinance saying mobile food vendors could not be within 150 of a land-based business.

"Why protect a land-based restaurant from a local restaurant? Arby's and Burger King are close to each other," he said.

The council will consider the ordinance for final adoption at the next city council meeting in two weeks.

"There has been a huge amount of research that has gone into this, I'd be disappointed if it did not pass in the next council meeting," said Armstrong.


MONROE -- An ordinance regarding food truck vendors is on the Monroe City Council Agenda tonight.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at Monroe City Hall.

Councilman Ray Armstrong has been working on finalizing the ordinance for several months. Armstrong had said previously that the city attorney has drafted an ordinance modeled from one in New Orleans.

The ordinance will outline the regulations needed to allow food truck or food cart vendors to operate in the city. (To read a copy of the ordinance, download the file attached to this article.)

The ordinance looks over details like food safety, licensing, traffic flow and avoiding conflict with nearby restaurants. 

The following are a few highlights on the ordinance:

- Vendors will need a permit to operate inside city limits.

- Vendors must not operate within 20 feet of any intersection, stop sign, yield sign, or any traffic signals.

- No mobile vendor shall operate within three feet of any public or private driveway, wheelchair ramp or bicycle ramp. No mobile food truck shall be more than 26 feet in length or eight feet in width.   

- No mobile vendor shall sell alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or any other item the possession or use of which is deemed illegal under any federal, state or local law, but the ordinance does say the vendor may sell alcoholic beverages of low alcohol content if the proper alcohol beverage permit has been obtained and an additional fee has been paid to the city.

- All mobile vendors shall provide a trash receptacle within three feet of the front or back of the mobile food truck on the public street, which shall be large enough to contain all refuse generated by operation.  The location shall be kept clean and free of trash and debris.  All mobile vendors shall be responsible for cleaning all debris and refuse generated by such operation within fifty (50) foot radius of the mobile food truck upon ceasing operation. 

- No mobile vendor shall operate any horn, sound amplification system, or other sound-producing device or music system which can be heard outside the mobile food truck when such mobile food truck is moving, stopped, standing or parked, or is being operated as allowed under this division.  

- No mobile vendor shall be located within 300 feet of a defined distance from an established, land based restaurant. 

Alanna Quillen will have an update on FOX 14 News at 9 and KTVE 10 News at 10. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook!


Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance Draft Almost Complete

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