Madison Parish Hospital CEO Resigns, New Candidate in Sight

It was a day of resignations at the Madison Parish Hospital on Friday.

TALLULAH -- It was a day of resignations at the Madison Parish Hospital on Friday.

At a special meeting, the Madison Parish Hospital Service District Board voted to accept the resignation of current CEO Scott Barrilleaux. Barrilleaux told KTVE/KARD on Monday he would be accepting the position of CEO of Drew Memorial Hospital in Monticello, Arkansas.

"It's probably best that this move does take place for a number of different reasons," Barrilleaux told board members at the meeting.

"He did some things, I think, to bring us a long way since he's been here. Covered a lot of ground, did a lot of  great work," said Board Chairman Thomas Willaims. "I actually will miss some of the work that he's done. We'll miss him."

Hospital service district board member Tom Bartholomew also resigned earlier this week. A replacement board member will need to be selected by the Madison Parish Police Jury at their May 12th meeting.

Barrilleaux's contract doesn't run out until April 30th, but now the hospital is once again in search of a new CEO.

Board Chairman Thomas Williams said at the meeting they already have a candidate in mind.

That man is Ted Topolewski, a Connecticut man who Williams said has a Ph.D in Health Care Management and works for Coors Healthcare Solutions, a consulting firm.

Williams also said this may just be a temporary fix.

"We've given him a one-year contract," he said. "He says 'Give me one year to get things in order and then, if you like me, you may ask me to stay.'"

Topolewski is no stranger to the hospital. He was brought in as the new Chief Financial Officer in February to replace former CFO Barbara Tabor, who was terminated from the hospital in 2013.

However, Williams said Topolewski only worked for the hospital less than a month before he left due to complications unknown to the board.

"There were some complications there that caused him to have to leave. We didn't really get all of the details of it," Williams said. "We have some issues that are going to get cleared up. Right now, we're bringing him back based on his credentials."

Williams said they are engaging the help of a New Orleans law firm to draft up a contract for Topolewski to bring him back as both CEO and CFO of the hospital.

According to Williams, that new contract will be finished and the board may have Topolewski's answer by their next  meeting on April 10th.

Meanwhile, Barrilleaux said he bears the hospital no ill will as he prepares to depart.

"There's a lot of risk in front of this hospital that needs to be addressed and I wish them nothing but the best," Barrilleaux said. "I wish we could have accomplished everything that we set out to accomplish when we started down this journey, but it didn't work out."

KTVE/KARD will have a full report tonight at 6, 9 and 10.

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