Louisiana Hunters for Heroes Celebrate In Downsville

The group took soldiers on a hunting trip and raised funds at a cook out in Downsville.

DOWNSVILLE -- The Louisiana Hunters for Heroes raised money in Downsville today

The club uses those funds to take military men and women on small hunting trips throughout the year as a way of saying "thank you."

This morning, the group took soldiers on a quail hunt in union parish before a noon lunch gathering. There was also a clay shooting competition, and things for sale. 

Organizers say today's fundraiser helps make more trips in different parts of the country possible.

"It don't take that much to put on a hunt,” said president of Louisiana Hunters for Heroes, Donnie Vocker. “If we can get people to donate, donate food, supplies we need, things like that, it don't take a lot of money but each hunt cost something, you can't get everything for free."

He says their planning more trips for 2014.  

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