Local Police Department Needs New Vests

Local Police Department Needs New Vests

Officers in El Dorado say they need help purchasing vital equipment.
EL DORADO --The El Dorado Police Department went before City Council for roughly $8900.00, to help purchase new police vests.

They recently hired 10 new officers and need vests for them, as well as, 6 others.

The department says these vests are only useful for 5 years.

After that, they start to get discolored and wear away.

Capitan Kevin Holt says these vests are a vital.

Holt says, "They're each individually fitted to the individual officer, based on whether or not it's a male or a female vest, their height, weight, and where it would actually fit them comfortably."

All 8 city council members voted in favor of funding the vests.
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