Local Martial Arts School Helping Family Who Lost Everything

Local Martial Arts School Helping Family Who Lost Everything

Chief Instructor from Tiger Rock Martial Arts, Jason Wegener join us to talk about fundraiser- donation for a family who lost their belongs due to a house fire.
KTVE 10 STUDIOS -- A local martial arts school is helping to raise money for a single mother and seven children, who lost everything in a recent house fire.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts is calling on the community to bring together donations to helping the family of Reshae Myles, whose rental house burned down in March leaving her and her seven kids with nothing.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts has been putting together a clothing and toy drive to help the family but can still use more help.

Specifically, they need any furniture people are getting rid of -- especially beds, and household items.

Myles also needs a 3 or 4 bedroom house for no more than 600 a month (Section 8 approved) to accommodate her and her seven children.

Anyone interested in helping out can contact us the following ways:

Phone: 318-325-4754, main contact is Jason Wegener
Email: tigerrockmonroe@gmail.com
Web: TigerRockMartialArts.com

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