Humane Volunteer Group Opposing Winnsboro Euthanization Ordinance

A group of Winnsboro volunteers wants to change the city's ordinance regarding animal euthanization.
WINNSBORO -- A group of animal care volunteers gathered at the Winnsboro City Council meeting Monday night for one purpose: speaking out against animal euthanizations.

"There was proposed that animals would suddenly be euthanized again in the City of Winnsboro and, of course, that sent us into a tailspin," said the founder of the "Winnsboro Dog Pound," Kim Kimbrough.

The "Winnsboro Dog Pound" is a group of volunteers dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. They met with the council to voice their concerns Monday night.

Winnsboro Mayor Jackie Johnson said they haven't needed euthanization in a long time.

"We have been able to go about three years now without having to kill any animals at all," he said.

But growing animal numbers are becoming a problem and a city ordinance only lets animals be kept in the city's holding facility for so long.

"We're allowing dogs to run wild and the ordinance that is presently on the books says that we should keep dogs five days, hold them for five days," Johnson said.

After that, the volunteer group said the dogs are transported to the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter in West Monroe for euthanization.
The volunteer group asked the council to support their programs, providing an alternative.

"Help us work on our off-site adoption days, our registration program, tap into a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, things like that that would be proactive," said Kimbrough.

According to Winnsboro City Code Chapter 4, Article 3, Section 4-36, impounded animals not recovered within five days "may be sold, destroyed or otherwise disposed of."

The "Winnsboro Dog Pound" gathered at the city holding facility Tuesday night to walk the dogs and discuss what they want for the future.
They said they want a new ordinance written altogether.

"There were several issues regarding the ordinance that need to be addressed and we need to take a look at the current ordinance and what changes need to be made," Kimbrough said Tuesday night.

A special city council meeting has been called for next Monday to reexamine the city ordinance.

Johnson said he doesn't want to kill animals and will seek another option.

"As long as the law reads as it reads, my hands are tied. I have to follow it. We're in the process right now, hopefully, to maybe rewrite the law," Johnson said at that Monday meeting.

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