Home Health House Calls: Quitting Smoking

Home Health House Calls: Quitting Smoking

If your new year's resolution is to quit smoking, United Home Health has some tips.
WEST MONROE (UNITED HOME CARE) -- Smoking reduces oxygen flow to your heart, speeds the buildup of plaque, and increases your risk for heart attack and lung disease.

Quitting smoking is a gift to yourself. You may have tried to quit before and it didn't work. Don't give up. Many smokers try four to five times before they succeed.

The first thing to do is line up help. Ask for support from you family and friends, join a quit-smoking class, or ask you doctor about medication.

Set a quit day. After picking a day, mark it in bold letters on a calendar.
Set limits.

Limit where you can smoke. Make smoking outdoors a house rule where other smokers won't tempt you as much.

Quitting smoking is hard, but with determination and education you can succeed.

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