Farmerville Mayor Discusses Town Audit

The mayor said it's mostly follow ups to past findings and that much of it has been addressed.
FARMERVILLE -- A lengthy audit lists pages of findings for the town of Farmerville, but the mayor says it's more constructive than critical.

"We need to address them, and we have addressed them, and we will continue to address them," said Mayor Stein Baughman.

Baughman said it's mostly follow ups to past findings and that much of it has been addressed.

"We appreciate it because I feel like we'll do a better job," he said.

The audit checked up on the town properly filing police tickets, and an incident a few years ago where an employee's son improperly used a town credit  card, charging over $900 for gas.

"He is in the process of reimbursing the town," Baughman said.

Baughman says auditors brought attention to things not noticed before.

"It's a continuous deal, things change everyday," said Baughman. "Maybe we didn't put as much emphasis on them as we should."

The audit made sure the town gave liability waivers to parents whose children use the rec center as a bus drop off after school.

The mayor also says they've been able to address one big issue, dealing with water and sewer systems.

Baughman says over time, the service plan evolved in an unusual way to where people living outside of Farmerville were under town services, and those living inside in town were under outlying services.

"It was just something that evolved over the years," said Baughman.

The city had no way of penalizing those who didn't pay the bills.

"We have asked the water system for a resolution that, if someone is not paying their sewage bill and sanitation bill, then we will report it to them and they will turn the water off," said Baughman.

Baughman said the audits help improve what they're already doing in town.

"And I can truly say, I don't believe that I ever went through any type of audit that I wasn't better personally, or the work that I was doing was not better because of thinks that I learned from the auditors."
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