Development in West Monroe Continues to Increase

From new strip malls, restaurants and other businesses, West Monroe is growing.

West Monroe -- West Monroe is growing. 

New residents are attracting new retail opportunities. The Chamber of Commerce says they'll do whatever they can to attract developers.

“We've seen continued increase in the housing market, not only for the city of West Monroe, but west Ouachita,” said West Monroe Chamber President, Courtney Hornsby.

“We're always willing to go out and recruit and bring in new information as far as real-estate options, what tax incentives do we have, what's our sales tax structure, and really be a cheerleader for the area.”

All along West Monroe's busiest roads, new strip malls, restaurants and other businesses are popping up out of the ground.

“The Chamber also sees room for redevelopment of properties that are existing, and are being converted, whether that’s a new shopping center or just something being redeveloped,” adds Hornsby.

One area that will be redeveloped is the Highland Shopping Center, on Cypress Street.     

"We've been hearing rumors for the last year that something was probably going to happen and put something else here and make us move," said Cherrie Tolar. She’s been baking cakes here for 15-years, unfortunately they won't make to 16.

“They just gave us an eviction notice and said we had so many days to be out."

Cherrie and other tenants have until April 30th to move out. Luckily they've been able to find a new location down the road.   

“We're going to survive; we're going to come out on top"

Rumors of a large and well-known retail chain taking over the entire lot have swirled since tenants were informed about their eviction.  Neither the City of West Monroe nor the West Monroe Chamber of Commerce would confirm those suspicions.  

“I think that people are just very interested in this area and we'll continue to see it grow over the next few months into next year.”

The Chamber feels like there are a lot of opportunities for growth along all of West Monroe’s busiest highways, including along I-20.  They don’t see anything slowing down anytime soon.  

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