Congressman Candidate Vance McAllister Talks Runoff Election

McAllister said it was the hard work of his campaign that made him a finalist in this race.

WEST MONROE -- State Senator Neil Riser and local businessman Vance McAllister are now going head-to-head in the final 25 days until the 5th COngressional District elects a congressman.

McAllister said it was the hard work of his campaign that made him a finalist in this race.

"So-called 'shock' that I pulled off. Why did I? There's got to be something behind it," McAllister said.

According to McAllister, what separates him from his opponent is he's not a politician and he will know how to work with fellow congressmen from lessons he's learned in business.

The 5th district's economy relies heavily on agriculture.

McAllister said it's high time government action showed that.

"We've got to pass a farm bill and my thought process on it is we don't pass an annual farm bill. We pass a 4-5 year plan farm bill so that these farmers get good commodity prices and establish and know where they're at and build a plan," he said.

With the large number of poor in the 5th district, McAllister said more job growth starts with bringing vocations back to schools.

"Give them vocational training," he said. "Get the wood shops, the greenhouses, the welding, small engines back in school because, to me, it's pretty simple, that when you problem-solve with your hands, then you learn common sense."

McAllister said he'll keep working until the race is done.

According to him, it's grassroots that got him here and grassroots that will carry him through.

"They might beat me but it ain't going to be because they outwork me," McAllister said. "I'm going to just give it everything I got to the end, do the same thing in 60 days, try to do it twice as hard in 30."

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