Communities Near Sochi, Russia Offer a Warm Welcome

Local markets in Adler are eager to sell their products and put out comfort to tourists during the Olympics.
ADLER, RUSSIA -- (Neile Jones) The colors, the sights, and the sounds are home for those who come to the market from nearby communities.

A veteran proudly tells us he sells the best local peaches. Everyone seems eager to share their goods in hopes of making a sell and put of custom.

A little futher down, the water flows. A man has fresh flowers available that leave the space smelling of roses. Another woman sells honey and asks which is our favorite.

Everyone has a trade or a craft that with a price tag and a smile seem to reward hard work.

Tuna, armenian bread flys, baklava. The market in Adler brings a comforting feeling that keeps your mouth and heart wanting more.

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