Congressman Candidate Neil Riser Talks Runoff Election

Congressman Candidate Neil Riser Talks Runoff Election

For Riser, he said his strategy won't veer from what he's already been doing.

WEST MONROE -- Twelve of 14 candidates were voted out of the race for the 5th Congressional District Saturday.

Now it's down to two: Vance McAllister and State Senator Neil Riser.

Both now have 26 days of campaigning left before the November 16th runoff election.

For Riser, he said his strategy won't veer from what he's already been doing.

"It's grassroots. It's all about talking to people, as many people as we can individually, shaking hands and getting our message out that we want government out of our lives," Riser, (R) Columbia, said.

The district's issues still have to be addressed.

The 5th district is largely reliant on agriculture.

Riser said he would strengthen our ports by dredging our waters, making them easier to travel.

"We have a number of waterways, navigable waterways out here and we have serious issues with dredging and we have not been getting the monies to dredge our navigable waterways," he said. "Now, if we can't get those crops out to market, well then, it's to no avail."

The 5th district is also regarded as one of the poorest in the state, even the country.

Riser said a boost to business and jobs starts with ending federal government regulation.

"With less government, then you have more innovative thinking and people are able to start their own business," he said. "Start their own business, well, they employ other people."

Riser also promised to take federal government regulation out in order to bring job growth in.

"As a state legislator, I have not voted for any taxes to hinder small business," he said. "I've done just the opposite. I've done everything to promote and start small business growth, but we don't see that with this administration."

On Tuesday, KTVE/KARD wil have an interview with Vance McAllister to hear what he has to say on the race and the issues.

We will continue to stay in contact with the candidates and keep you informed before you hit the ballot box.

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