Career-ready Workers Meet Employers

Career-ready Workers Meet Employers

NOVA recognized its participants today in a setting similar to a mock interview
The NOVA Workforce Institute of Northeast Louisiana recognized participants ready for careers on Friday morning.

The program is in its fifth year and it has helped the majority of participants to successfully find living-wage jobs. In a setting similar to a mock interview, potential employers explained their workforce needs and their job availabilities as they met with career-ready NOVA participants.

"You have the employers here," mentioned Juanita Woods, NOVA Program Director. "And so they are up close and personal with the individuals who have the authority to make hiring decisions."

The NOVA program helps people to become aware of their skills and prepares them to enter careers.

"For those that are wanting to go to college, we're here to guide and coach and manage them through that whole process," said Woods. "For those with the transferable skills, we're trying to get them into those living-wage jobs with benefits and a career path."

Over 500 people have now enrolled in the job intermediary program.
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