Business Leaders Work with High School Students to Solve Issues

Business Leaders Work with High School Students to Solve Issues

The El Dorado New Tech Program invited leaders to give a helping hand with real problems facing their businesses.

EL DORADO, ARK. - Local business leaders turned to high school students today to give them a helping hand.

Students involved in the New-Tech program at El Dorado high school worked with young professionals in order to help them solve real world problems facing businesses today.  

In one class students worked with city planners, El Dorado Festivals and Events, to find the perfect spot for a splash park.

"Their problem solving as they go along and each different area that they come up with their determining the positives and negatives with each choice and refining it to make a decision that actually makes sense for the city," said El Dorado Festivals and Events Director Austin Barrow.  He adds, “It's really interesting to see all these different education pieces be put together to a single project and a single day activity.  

Today was a part of the program's day long U-LEARN initiative, where students combine their math, writing, public speaking and problem solving skills to come up with new ideas effecting El Dorado.  

5 groups named after SEC football teams took on different challenges including a  10th grade algebra class who worked with a local bank. 

"Well they've got pretty bad security,” said 15 year old Kyle Ricker.  “They've had two robberies lately and that's bad for business so we're discussing solutions to fix that."

Ricker says the New-Tech program allows him the freedom that other classes wouldn’t allow.

"I like it a lot because it allows me to work with people and personally I like doing that. I like talking in front of people, that's just something I think I'm good at, and it's just an easier way for me to learn."

At the end of the day, all 220 students filed into the auditorium to present their ideas to their peers, faculty members and of course the business leaders of El Dorado, in hopes that it has a positive influence on future plans for the city.  

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