Poker Run for MDA Rumbles Across NELA

Poker Run for MDA Rumbles Across NELA

The Bikers Fight Against Muscular Dystrophy raised awareness for the disease by riding over 100 miles in Northeast Louisiana.
The 34th annual Poker Run attracts bikers from all over the Southwest.

Motorcyclists enjoy a weekend in Monroe connecting with fellow bikers while raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Kenneth Griffin, a motorcyclist, says,"We really enjoy coming out and participating. There is a lot of money raised for the children, for MDA period. Its a good feeling."

One of the event's organizers says the ride to fight muscular dystrophy started as a way for bikers to give back to the community and share their softer side with the public.
Poker Run Organizer Jimmy "Squirrel" Langston says,"Now everybody loves a biker because they know that they can get help. He will go out of his way to make sure people are happy. Some of them big, bad guys, they got a heart."

During the event, motorcyclists ride over a hundred miles through cities in Northeast Louisiana. 

Back at camp, the bikers collect money for the charity through a silent auction and raffle.

"Well I would like to get over twenty five thousand. You always want to do better than what you did last year," says Langston. 

The motorcyclists say its a great feeling to help out others while spending time on the bikes they love.

Gary Smith, a motorcyclist, says,"Its just a feeling of giving back and of fellowship of being with other bikers. There is an association that when you ride a bike its just something you get within your blood."
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