Bulldogs Hope the Mistakes Are Behind Them When Facing Western Kentucky

Whenever your team drops a 57-21 decision it doesn't take long to pinpoint what went wrong, or as Skip Holtz calls it "self-inflicted wounds."

"...We were minus three in the turnover battle, which gives us an 18 percent chance to win, not matter who you're playing, " says Holtz. "...The punt block...J'Mar's pass interception...the second half we bite on the cheese on the inside. We came down our zone and left the wheel route open down the sidelines."

What about the botched snap, that ultimately ended with the Dogs pushed back to their own seven yard line. In total it was an 89 yard loss, with 3rd and 93.

"...When it was going on, I was thinking, 'someone jump on the ball,' Holtz continues. "I'm thinking 'somebody pick it up.' And, then C.J. Powell finally jumped on it. And, then that's when it was like, 'I don't have a lot of play sheets on call for that one.'"

Also under question, the offensive line play, which has allowed quarterback J'Mar Smith to be sacked five times in the teams first two games.

"There was definitely some pocket issues, " says Holtz. "I think it was a little bit of scheme, little bit we were struggling handling some things up front...was also a lot of combination of some of the talent we were playing."

Besides the costly turnovers, Mississippi State limited Tech's offense in so many ways. The challenge continues this week when they face Western Kentucky, a team with five returning defensive starters, who earned all-Conference honors.

"...They have 10 lost yardage plays on the season...they're very active in some of the packages and movements they do up front, " Holtz continues. "A lot of the things we saw last week we'll see this week."

The Bulldogs travel to face Western Kentucky, Saturday at 6:00 p.m.


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