Cochran Campaign Investigating Voter Fraud

Jackson -- (WAPT) Roy Nicholson is a Tea Party supporter.

But he says that’s not why he joined a dozen others to file a lawsuit against the Mississippi and the state Republican party.

"What it really amounts to is myself and other republicans were cheated out of our natural right as party members, to have selected our own nominee."

Nicholson claims election officials denied him access to voter records in Rankin county to see if anyone voted as a democrat June 3rd, then flipped to vote republican in the runoff 3 weeks later.

Now he and a group called *True the Vote* are suing -- to try and to stop the election certification.

"The Chris McDaniel campaign now claims it found more than 4,900 cases of voter irregularity. And, it's a revelation that comes at the same time they're sending out campaign fliers -- not to fund a campaign but to fund a legal fight."

The McDaniel camp is sending out emails and fliers asking for 50-dollar donations to fund a legal fight the campaign.

Now calling the republican primary election a ‘sham’!

"We haven't gotten into almost 30 different counties and we haven't examined almost 19-thousand absentee ballots."

"But I can tell you Scott it is insulting to the hundreds of thousands of voters in Mississippi for them to say this election is a sham or this election is stolen because they know better."

Thad Cochran did not speak Wednesday.

But his staff lashed out at the allegations of voter fraud.

They say a meridian man's claim of being promised 16-thousand dollars to buy votes is a flat out lie.
"The McDaniel campaign will say and do anything for him to win this race."

MC School of Law Professor Matt Steffey says for a legal challenge to have success in this election process, it has to have a key factor.

"You have to show voter fraud. i think at the end of the day you have to show voter fraud and you may have to show, to some extent, that election officials were complicit in it."

Cochran's camp says the majority of the allegations surround clerical errors in a voting book, not outright examples of voter fraud.

It could very well soon become a matter settled in a courtroom.

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