UPDATE: Drone Bill Revived in the Senate

UPDATE: A bill that would limit the use of drones on private property is revived by the Louisiana Senate.

Penalties were added for second and third convictions to the state's 'Peeping Tom' law.

Laws already in place prevent spying on private property, with sentences of up to six months in jail. Under the bill, second and third convictions would have steeper penalties.

Law enforcement agencies are exempted from House Bill 1037.

The bill now heads back to the House for debate.

Baton Rouge -- A bid to limit the use of unmanned aircraft on private property has stalled in the Louisiana Senate.

The proposal would have made it illegal to use drones to photograph people on private property without their permission, with the exception of law enforcement.

But Senators were concerned the bill could ban useful drone services such as mapping and land loss surveying.

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