Tony Perkins Endorses Rob Maness for U.S. Senate

Baton Rouge -- Tony Perkins, chairman of FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected with Family Research Council has endorsed Rob Maness in his U.S. Senate run.

"Rob Maness is a proud American patriot who has served his country with honor and distinction and is willing to stand against the forces of entrenched politicians who have brought this country to its lowest point in history," said FRC Action PAC Chairman Tony Perkins. "Our economy has been decimated. Our culture has been challenged beyond all reasonable limits. This administration, and supporting members of the Senate like Mary Landrieu and Harry Reid, has brought the country to the edge of a cliff and we have to elect strong leaders like Colonel Maness to lead for the future. No longer are lukewarm candidates acceptable."

"The Washington establishment has supported a radical agenda that threatens the very heart of our constitutional liberties and it's conservative leaders like Tony Perkins who are leading the fight against this big government takeover," Maness said. "I am proud to have Tony's vote and support and the backing of the Family Research Council, who recognize that our campaign is unafraid to embrace a social conservative values agenda that makes promoting religious liberty, strengthening the family, protecting marriage and the rights of the unborn a priority."

FRC Action PAC President, Connie Mackey added, "The American people did elect a few upstanding patriots to the Senate in recent years, but Senators Lee and Cruz now require fellow leaders to expand their efforts on behalf of the electorate. We believe Rob Maness has the backbone and the experience required."

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