Potential Candidates Emerge For 5th Congressional District


MONROE - Who's in and who's out of the 5th congressional district race?

Several potential candidates sat side by side at a luncheon sponsored by the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, Tuesday.

One of them, Neil Riser, who lost to Congressman Vance McAllister last fall, says - count him out.

"I was a candidate last year, but I’ll be seeking re-election in the State Senate in 2015," said Riser. "Working with the state, fortunately I'm in a good leadership position right now as chairman of revenue and fiscal affairs.”

His fellow Senator, Mike Walsworth tells us he's flirting with the idea now that Riser's no longer in the picture.

"Now that Neil has made his decision, I may look at it and see what the future lies,” said Walsworth. “I need to talk to my family and make sure friends and family come first and we haven't been able to talk about that.  I had no idea where he was headed until he made his announcement yesterday."

Monroe representative Jay Morris admits the idea has crossed his mind, but he's not going to make a decision this early on.

"Like I always say, never rule anything out."

The Mayor of Monroe, Jamie Mayo backed Vance McAllister's effort after his own campaign ended, but says there's a good chance he'll run.

"I'm getting a tremendous amount of support from the parish, I know the parish very well and I've gotten to know a lot of people from throughout the parish, and there's a lot of support in the parish, so we'll make that final decision very soon," said Mayo who adds that the most important thing the district needs now is stability.

"The 5th Congressional District Seat is one of the poorest in the entire country so it definitely needs some continuity in that seat and someone that will be in that seat that will represent the entire district and not just a portion."

All of the potential candidates expect a large field come November.

Qualifying for the November 4th election begins on August 20th and runs through August 22nd. All of the law makers we spoke to on Tuesday say to expect a more concrete answer as that deadline approaches. 

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