Political Minute December 12, 2013

West Monroe -- It's all about Mary.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu is out with her first ad for her re-election campaign.
The ad talks about Landrieu's push to keep from losing their insurance coverage due to Obamacare.
Landrieu has supported the healthcare law, which has been been unfavorable in the Bayou State.

Republicans were quick to pounce, calling the ad a feeble attempt to distance Landrieu from Obama.
The Louisiana GOP also said Landrieu is "suffering from a credibility crisis, and that is showing in her declining poll numbers."

And there maybe some truth to what the Louisiana GOP is saying.
According to the latest Southern Media & Opinon Research Poll, Senator Landrieu's job performance rating sits at 46% positive to 51% negative.
In a poll taken in the spring, Landrieu's positive rating was sitting at 56%.
Landrieu is expected to face two republican challengers, Congressman Bill Cassidy and Rob Maness.

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