Pastor Says Staffer Leaked Video of McAllister Kissing Aide; Staffer Denies It

WEST MONROE -- A local pastor says the video showing Congressman Vance McAllister kissing a woman who isn't his wife was leaked by a staffer.

Danny Chance of West Monroe is pastor of Christian Life Church. He says Leah Gordon, McAllister's Monroe district office manager, was somehow able to get a hold of the video.

"All I know is that Leah Gordon had that video on a zip drive, and I know that she was supposed to, or she said that she was taking that to Mike Walsworth, and she said she was taking that to Jonathan Johnson," Chance said in a phone interview with KTVE/KARD.

KTVE/KARD reached out to Gordon for comment, but so far we have not heard back.

"I do not know if she did or not, but I know that's what she said and I do know that she had it on a zip drive," said Chance.

Walsworth is a senator representing West Monroe and Jonathan Johnson had worked for former U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander.

We've also reached out to Senator Mike Walsworth for comment, who sent us this statement: "Until it was posted online yesterday, I had never seen the video. I have never had the video in my possession. I did not give the video to anyone. I am not part of a conspiracy to bring down my congressman."

KTVE/KARD spoke with McAllister's Chief of Staff Adam Terry by phone. Terry says Leah Gordon is still employed as the Monroe District Office Manager. Terry says Gordon denied being the person that leaked the video and said again this morning that she had nothing to do with the video being released to The Ouachita Citizen.

Terry tells KTVE/KARD that in no way does he condone what McAllister did, saying "McAllister will have to answer to his wife and the voters, but a security breach in a federal office is a grave concern of his."

Terry says outside agencies have been contacted to see how the video was obtained and leaked.

KTVE/KARD has also reached out to the FBI to see if they are also investigating how the video taken inside McAllister's district office was leaked.

Terry says the cameras inside the Congressional District were installed after the shooting of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for security purposes.

Chance said he became friends with McAllister after meeting during his campaign.

He said he doesn't know the details about the video itself, which appears to be recorded off of a television hooked up to a security system.

"I just know that it was on a zip drive, and somehow, it got into the hands of Ouachita Citizen," said Chance.

Chance said that McAllister does not attend his church. He said he would not reveal his sources on how he obtained this information.

"I do not agree with any of Vance's wrong doings, if he has done wrong, which obviously he has, then he is wrong. And I can forgive him but he is definitely wrong in what he has done. But I also do not agree on inside people, staff...trying to destroy a man," Chance said.

The video was posted earlier Monday on The Ouachita Citizen website. The Ouachita Citizen received the video from an anonymous source.

The woman in the video is said to be an aide from Congressman McAllister. 

McAllister took office in November after winning a special election.

McAllister and his wife Kelly have five children.

The staffer with whom McAllister is with in the video is Melissa Peacock, of Sterlington. According to McAllister's Chief of Staff Adam Terry, Peacock was a new addition to the staff when McAllister was elected. She did not work for former Rep. Rodney Alexander. She was in charge of scheduling for McAllister. Terry says Peacock is no longer on the payroll as of Monday.

Click here to read a statement that McAllister issued Monday regarding the incident.

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