Palin Endorses Maness for US Senate

Madisonville -- Republican Senatorial candidate Rob Maness has picked up the endorsement of Sarah Palin.

Maness is trying to unseat incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu. Congressman Bill Cassidy and State Representative Paul Hollis is also running for U.S. Senate.

In her endorsement of Maness, Palin says "In the Louisiana Senate race we have the opportunity to send a true conservative and a real warrior to join that fight. So, today I am lending my support to retired Col. Rob Maness for U.S. Senate."

Maness says he's honored for the former Alaska Governor's support.

"I sought the endorsement of Gov. Palin because she is truly one of us who became a great public servant for her town, and her state, and our nation." Maness said. "She is passionate about restraining the scope of the federal government particularly in our energy sector and in our healthcare decisions. She knows that we are taxed enough already and that the American people unhindered by government can do great things for themselves, for each other, and for the country."

In endorsing Maness, Palin was also critical of Congressman Cassidy. "The GOP establishment has turned to a moderate Congressman who opposed President Reagan in the past and was actually a supporter of Mary Landrieu until recent years. He voted to raise the debt ceiling, was one of 19 Republicans to vote for President Obama's hate crimes legislation, campaigned in support of the government bailout (but now opposes it), voted for Obamacare Medicare savings (but now opposes them). Come on, GOP, is this the best we can do? I say no. Let's come together and unite behind conservative warrior Col. Rob Maness - a proven fighter for freedom."

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