Louisiana Democrats Critical of Jindal & LA GOP

West Monroe -- Louisiana Democrats are criticizing Governor Bobby Jindal and state Republicans over their calling for Congressman Vance McAllister's resignation.

Jindal and LA GOP Chairman Roger Villere have both called on McAllister to resign after a video surfaced earlier this week showing the Congressman kissing a former staffer.

McAllister has apologized for the video, but told us on Monday that he has no intentions to resign.

Today, John Bel Edward, a Democratic State Representative and candidate for Governor called Jindal and the state GOP hypocrites.

Back in 2007, neither Villere or Jindal, who was running for Governor at the time,  called for Vitter to resign his position after it came out that he was a client of the DC Madame.

Edwards wrote. "The Republican Party calling Rep. McAllister a 'hypocrite' after it defended Sen. Vitter reaches a level of hypocrisy so great I'm not sure the English language even has a word describe it. Maybe "hypo-hypocrisy?" The people at Webster's Dictionary have a busy weekend ahead of them."

In response, a source with the Louisiana Republican Party tells KTVE 10 News the McAllister controversy is unlike anything they've seen before. "It was inside a federal office, with a federal employee, on federal time. This is taxpayer funded infidelity".

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