Locals React On the Street and Online to McAllister Video

WEST MONROE -- People from multiple parishes and cities have several different opinions on Vance McAllister, who in a video leaked on Monday was seen kissing reported staff member Melissa Peacock, a woman who is not his wife.
Some locals call this just par for the course.

"That's what you expect from politicians," said Winnsboro resident Carl Whitlock. "I mean, they're going to do basically what they want to do because they're elected officials. All we can basically do is hope they do a good job for us as they represent us."

Others said McAllister should be forgiven.

"He ran his race as a Christian and Christians make mistakes too, so being a Christian has a lot to do with forgiveness and I think he deserves that," said West Monroe resident James Thigpen.

While some agree McAllister should receive forgiveness, the way they think about him has changed.

"What he did is between him and his wife, his church and, most of all, between him and God, but that doesn't mean that we have to trust him," said Farmerville resident Christy Roan.

Opinions of Vance McAllister have spread not just across the streets, but also on social media, especially Facebook.

Vance McAllister was the top trending news on Monday and Tuesday still saw him in the top three topics.
Many on Facebook promoted forgiveness as well.

Greg Green wrote: "Despite my wisecracks, I sincerely pray for Congressman Vance M McAllister and his family."
Others acknowledged he is human and imperfect.

Kimberly Reeves Neal wrote: "To error is human I support Vance McAllister thank u for the apology."

Some tweets were less than kind.

@jackkelley48 wrote: "@RepMcAllister if you cheat on your wife, how do know you won't cheat on LA and America?"

@ms73 wrote: "And yet another Republican lives by 'do as I say, not as I do'"

The editorial cartoonist for the New Orleans Advocate newspaper, Walt Handelsman, tweeted Wednesday's political cartoon, showing McAllister hiding behind his desk.

Those who chalk this up to typical politician behavior said as long as McAllister does his job, his personal life takes the backseat.

"His personal life doesn't affect his job whatsoever," Whitlock said. "Yeah, I don't have a problem."

NBC News is reporting McAllister is here in Louisiana and he's missed the last two days of voting in Congress.
According to McAllister's office, the staff member he was kissing in the video, Melissa Peacock, voluntarily resigned from her position.

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