Former DA for Grant Parish Announces Congressional Bid

Grant Parish -- Ed Tarpley, The former District Attorney for Grant Parish, has announced he will be a candidate in the 5th Congressional race in the fall.

Statement from Ed Tarpley:

Today, I am announcing my candidacy for United States Congress to represent the people of the 5th Congressional District. I strongly considered running in the special election last fall, however, I felt that the time was not right for me to seek the office. In the Primary I supported Rapides Parish’s favorite son, Clyde Holloway and in the runoff I supported conservative Senator Neil Riser. Earlier this year I began to reconsider my decision and I was convinced by public statements made by the newly elected incumbent that the District, and our nation, would be in need of a stronger, more conservative voice from the 5th District.

I have also been moved to enter this race because of circumstances in Washington regarding our chief law enforcement officer, the Attorney General, Eric Holder and our Commander in Chief, Barack Obama. Over the last several months we have all been witnesses to an apparent lack of respect for the rule of law. The expression of this “lawlessness” has been demonstrated by a lack of response to the sharp increase in illegal immigration and the failures of the Justice Department to enforce existing laws, and in the President’s continuous disregard for existing law surrounding the implementation of Obamacare. Our time tested system of the balance of power between the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative branches is being compromised. I see that citizen patriots around our country are rising to the defense of our Constitution and with this announcement I join that effort.

It is becoming apparent that our country needs representatives in the Congress with a conservative background in the application of the law in both civil and criminal matters. We are going to have to be able to set forth the people’s position and their rights under our Constitution. I believe I have the legal experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney to be able to argue for the enforcement of existing law while defending the rights and freedoms of the individual guaranteed under our Constitution.

Secondly, I will also actively promote a reliance on the private sector to expand job opportunities to the unemployed and under employed. The number of Americans participating in the workforce is declining under the current administration. Government solutions to our economic woes are not working. We must implement free market solutions to solve our economic problems. The largest provider of jobs in America are the small businesses that operate in every town and marketplace across this great country. I pledge to the voters of the 5th Congressional District that I will work tirelessly to promote small businesses, end corporate welfare and encourage entrepreneurialism wherever and whenever it rises up to help solve America’s problems.

I am committed to repealing Obamacare and replacing it with “free market” reforms that encourage freedom of choice and patient’s rights. A couple of those reforms in the medical industry which would reduce expense and increase competitiveness would involve the sale of insurance across state lines and the promotion of Health Savings Accounts which help the patient achieve a level of self insurance, reducing their premium expense by allowing an increasing deductible. At the heart of our great American medical system is the sanctity of the doctor/patient relationship. Any proposal that does not respect this relationship and encourage the free enterprise practice of medicine will not have my support.

I will work to pass tax reform with the goal to simplify the tax structure while insuring that all Americans pay some form of income or minimum alternative tax. We can no longer afford to promote a system where the burden of taxation is shouldered by fewer and fewer citizens each year. It is un-American for the voters to continue to vote for representatives who impose more taxes on the job creators while enriching themselves and their constituents out of the treasury with more welfare, expanded benefits, corporate welfare and perks and privileges to the elected class. The fiscal responsibility that we need to see implemented in our country can only happen when all Americans are paying taxes and have a “stake in the game” which makes every taxpayer care about what is happening in Washington to “their” money!

I will work hard to restore cuts in the budget that affected our military, especially our veterans who risked their lives to keep us free. The callousness displayed by Washington, including President Obama and Congressman McAllister, when they passed a budget that cut benefits to our Veterans, while dramatically expanding the welfare state, was unconscionable. I make this promise to our Veterans…. YOU HAVE A FRIEND IN ED TARPLEY. God bless our veterans and our current servicemen and women.

I will state for the record that it is my intention to run an issues based campaign in which I will compare and contrast the differences between my opponent and myself. I will not make this campaign about personality, but instead I will focus on the need to elect the right representative with the proper experience and preparation to best serve this country and our 5th District.

In closing, the road ahead for our great nation is going to be tough. Turning our economy and society back to the productive and successful model that we all grew up in is going to require hard work.

There will be tough decisions that need to be made which will have to be based on a sound philosophy rooted in a deep and abiding faith in the wisdom of our Constitutional Republic’s Founding Fathers.

It is my belief that together we can begin to restore the people’s confidence in their elected officials, but we must elect men and women of strong moral character with a commitment to ethical behavior and a willingness to serve. I believe I can be that representative for you in Washington.

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