Mitt Romney Endorses Tom Cotton for Senate

Little Rock -- (Press Release) Former Governor and GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney threw his support behind U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton on Thursday, saying that Cotton would be a much-needed check on the Obama administration and would fight for conservative values.

Governor Romney said: "This November Arkansans have a chance to send a true leader to Washington in Tom Cotton. Tom has bravely served his country in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and now he is ready to serve his country again in the US Senate to fight Obamacare, stop Washington's runaway spending, and support policies that will create jobs for hardworking Arkansans. I am proud to support Tom Cotton for US Senate."

Cotton said the endorsement highlighted a key difference in the race for Senate, saying: "I thank Governor Romney for his support. The choice in this race could not be any clearer: Senator Pryor has rubber-stamped President Obama's policies more than 90% of the time. I'll be a Senator who fights Obamacare, reins in Washington's out-of-control spending, and supports policies that will create jobs for Arkansas."

Governor Mitt Romney has also agreed to help Cotton raise funds for his campaign by sending direct mail to Republican donors. Romney won 61% of the vote in Arkansas in 2012, receiving over 644,000 votes. By contrast, President Obama won just 37% of the vote in Arkansas. He received a little more than 392,000 votes.

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