Governor Mike Beebe Travels To Europe To Bring Business Back To Arkansas


LITTLE ROCK, AR  (KARK) -- Governor Mike Beebe in Europe today in an effort to attract International Businesses to Arkansas.

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission joined him on the trip.

Their first stop is London where they'll attend one of the world's biggest airshows.

Exports in the Aerospace Industry from Arkansas totaled nearly $2 billion dollars last year.

Dassault Falcon was the primary exporter.

The group heading abroad has not given any details about the businesses they hope to bring to the Natural State.

Grant Tenille from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission comments on what they hope to accomplish during the trip.

"Well, I think we are looking to do a few things. We are looking to attract new investment into Arkansas by companies around the world. We are also taking Arkansas companies that are servicing the industries right now and are trying to help them get new contracts and grow their business," said Tenille.

You can read more about the trip in this month's edition of Arkansas Money and Politics and catch the entire interview on Capitol View Sunday morning at 8:30.

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