Curtis Coleman Campaigns in El Dorado


EL DORADO, AR. - Conservative Curtis Coleman wants to be Arkansas next governor.

He's running against fellow republican Asa Hutchinson and democrat favorite Mike Ross.

Coleman's supporters were in full force Saturday morning in El Dorado. John Wilson, president of the Conservative Action Project in Union County says Coleman is a true constitutional conservative.

“He has the same conservative values that I do, and we agree on about 90% of the issues,” said Wilson, who believes Asa Hutchinson is not conservative enough.   

Coleman is the founder and former CEO of Safe Foods Corporation, an international food safety company based in Little Rock, Ar.

"I’m not a politician; I’m not even a lawyer,” said Coleman. “I'm a businessman and the founding CEO of my own company. I know what it's like to start a company, to suffer through all the cost and agony of starting a company.”

If elected Coleman says he'll fight for jobs in south Arkansas by lowering corporate tax rates. He also wants to make sure local college graduates stay in the natural state.

"I’m proposing a system that will let Arkansas students go to college, start they're own companies, which creates new jobs in the area and also diversifies the economy, it's called the 21st plan for economic development."

He says he's the only candidate fully opposed to Arkansas private health care option

"Mainly because it was the most enormous expansion of government in Arkansas' history," adds Coleman, who said he would offer more solutions to spur economic growth, so less people have to rely on Medicaid.

Finally before leaving El Dorado, Coleman held a 2nd Amendment rally on the footsteps of Union Square. He says if elected he'll do everything in his power to make sure Arkansans always have the right to bear arms.

The general election is November 4th.  

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