AR Secretary of State Candidates Seeks Answers

LITTLE ROCK- Today, Susan Inman, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, called on Mark Martin to explain his spokesman Alex Reed’s involvement in Ann Clemmer’s Congressional campaign and the Pulaski County Election Commission. As first reported in the Blue Hog Report on Friday and again in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on Saturday, Alex Reed was serving on the Pulaski County Election Commission while also serving as Treasurer of Clemmer’s campaign, a violation of state election law. He was also financially invested in Clemmer’s campaign to the tune of $20,000 and had received ‘unauthorized disbursements’ according to Clemmer’s FEC filing.


“Mark Martin should explain why one of his top aides has been allowed to run rogue in Republican Party politics and violate state election law. How could Martin not know that one of his top aides was serving on a campaign while simultaneously serving as a paid Election Commissioner? This is just another incident of Secretary of State Mark Martin’s violation of the public trust. Without that trust, how can we be sure that our elections are fair and nonpartisan? Arkansans deserve to know the truth,” Susan Inman said.


Inman also criticized Martin for not enforcing his own 2010 campaign pledge to remove the Secretary of State’s office from partisan activities.  He pledged that employees of the Secretary of State’s office would be prohibited from actively working for or contributing to a candidate for an elected public office. “This blemish on the State of Arkansas, its Secretary of State, as well as the Pulaski County Election Commission could have been prevented had Martin kept his promise,” Inman said.

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