Pay It Forward Stories

Official Rules

You must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license to participate. Each Wednesday morning during NBC 10 News Today (5am to 7am) and during FOX 14 Your Morning News (7am to 8am) the general location will be announced for participants to “find” the Hixson Ford “Pay It Forward” truck. The truck will be parked at a location in that general area sometime between 8am and noon. After the truck is safely parked at that week’s location a designated person representing the sponsors or KTVE/KARD (the Station) will hold up a Pay It Forward sign above their head. The first qualified participant that approaches the person holding the sign and asks to “Pay It Forward” will be handed the “Pay It Forward Card”. The participant that receives the “Pay it Forward Card” will be the winning participant. (If more than one participant approaches the truck at the same time, the station’s representative will have the final determination as to who receives the winning “Pay It Forward Card”).

For a complete list of contest rules click here.