UPDATE: Monroe Police Union Talks Survey, No Confidence Vote

UPDATE 9:30 p.m. -- A recent internal survey into the Monroe Police Department is getting a closer look.

Leaders of the Local 81 Monroe Chapter of the International Union of Police Associations said they're not surprised by an officer morale drop shown in that survey.

"I don't think the survey was a shock to most of the people up here," Monroe PD Union President Michael Calloway said.

That survey, released to the public last week, showed 86% of officers saying morale is down from years past, with 88% saying they'd take another job if they could.

"Obviously, there were some major points about trust in the management and the structure of the police department," said Calloway.

Forty-five of the 170 members of the union met Wednesday night about the survey.

They even talked about a vote of no confidence in Monroe Police Chief Quentin Holmes.

"We discussed it," Calloway said. "At this point, like I said, we've had a meeting with the chief, we've had a meeting with the mayor."

But no decision was made at the meeting.

Union leaders said they were assured by the mayor and the chief that changes were coming. Calloway said the union wants more patrol staff to answer the eight to nine calls they average every hour.

"On a given day, we have 14 people out on the street," he said. "We'd like to see maybe some of that increase."

For now, union leaders said they'll work with the city and department to see what changes come from here.

"At this point, we're willing to go forward and see if some of those changes can take place," said Calloway.

Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo told KTVE/KARD last week the survey was released prematurely and that an action plan to address these issues is still in the process of being made.


MONROE (KTVE/KARD) -- The Monroe Police Local 81 Chapter of the International Union of Police Associations met Wednesday night in their monthly meeting. They discussed a recent Monroe Police internal survey.

That survey revealed 86% of officers said overall morale is much lower than it was in the past and 88% said many officers would leave if they could find a job somewhere else.

Police union leaders tell KTVE/KARD they have met with Monroe Police Chief Quentin Holmes and Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo to discuss a plan of action to make changes for the better of the officers.

One of those plans already in place is to increase MPD's patrol staff. Union leaders said they average 8-9 calls every hour for a staff of 14 day shift officers and 14 night shift officers.

Union leaders also said union members discussed a vote of no confidence in Chief Holmes, but made no decision Wednesday night.

They said they want to see if these changes yield a better situation for their officers before they make any decisions for the future.

We will have a full report on the union meeting tonight at 9 on KARD and 10 on KTVE.

For our full report on that internal survey, click here. 

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