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Thousands of inmates will be released from prison on November 1st

Louisiana - Nearly 1,500 men and women will be released from Louisiana State prisons on November 1st and 100 of those inmates will be coming to Ouachita Parish.

The inmates being released are those convicted of non-violent and non-sex related crimes. However, Ouachita Parish Sheriff, Jay Russell says there's one category that needs some attention.

"It's the history and the criminal history of those that are going back into our community that alarms a lot of us in the law enforcement community -- Just because he was arrested on trespassing or simple damage to property or a misdemeanor drug charge that he's being released this time, doesn't mean his history dictates that he wasn't a non-violent offender," says the sheriff.

Residents have concerns about this course of action, "It makes me feel scared," says Louisiana resident Betty Ward.

Louisiana officials say the release will save the state roughly $260,000,000 but the question remains what will that mean for the community.

"Something's broke and something needs to be done, so I don't know if releasing  the inmates is a good idea or if they're clearing the jails long enough to sweep out the cell for the people to come right back," said Louisiana resident Douglas Rose.

Sheriff Jay Russell wants all residents to be ensured he will be watching for everyone that is going to be released, "I got a list of everyone of them that we're fixing to release and I'm going to keep track of everyone of those, that we're fixing to put back in this public and I'm going to track them," said Russell.

Sheriff Russell says for everyone to be aware of what's going on, to secure all valuables, and to be vigilant at all times.

There is a list currently circulating of inmates that are eligible for release but District Attorney Steve Tew says this list is not verified.


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