Tallulah Mayoral Candidates Square Off in Debate

TALLULAH -- With less than two weeks before the election of the next Mayor of Tallulah, the candidates held another debate Tuesday night.

Not all of the candidates were in attendance, but those who did arrive discussed a wide variety of issues facing the city.

Six out of eight candidates gathered at the Tallulah Madison Community Center Tueday night, taking questions from the nearly 100 residents who sat in the audience.

Their questions ranged from city water quality to jobs to road repair.

The candidates spelled out their own priorities for the city if elected.

"Our economic development, our jobs, a long-term strategic plan," said Arthur Lee, (D) Tallulah.

"We know we need jobs, but how are we going to get these jobs? Everybody's seen the buildings around town. Look at them. They're falling apart. Let's get them repaired," said Gerald Michael Lott, Jr., (NP) Tallulah.

"My vision is that, in this town, we would eliminate lack. We would have our lives," said Sandra "Sue" Cannon-Scott, (D) Tallulah.

"We know that we have an outdated water system. The problem we're faced with is not so much the system. It's the maintenance," said Paxton Branch, (D) Tallulah.

"I would implement an internal affairs department for the police because police cannot police themselves. They are hired to enforce the law. They're not above the law," said Dawn Williams, (D) Tallulah.

"To complete unity, first of all, we have to start by repairing Tallulah from within. What I mean is the people who we appoint," said John "Elbow" Reed, (D) Tallulah.

The two candidates that did not participate in the debate were Adell Williams, (D) Tallulah and Jann Williams-Buchanan, (D) Tallulah.

The election is set for May 3rd.

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