Sunday alcohol sales may be coming back to unincorporated areas of Ouachita Parish

CALHOUN, La - A chance to buy alcohol on Sundays in all of Ouachita Parish may be coming true sooner than you think. One business owner attended a police jury meeting this past Monday to ask for the permission of sales, claiming his business literally depends on it.

The Ouachita Parish Police Jury is hoping to bring back Sunday liquor sales in unincorporated areas of the parish because as of now, some restaurants can't.

"It affects our business. We lose our business to other parts of the town, Farmerville, Eros, and Ruston, Lincoln Parish and they go to Monroe City. Why do they have to drive all that way," says Laddie Aulakh of Calhoun.

While there are currently some sales allowed in Monroe and West Monroe, business owners, especially in District B, cannot sell alcohol on Sundays. And that's not good for growing towns like Calhoun where they are expecting to open their first grocery store.

"I have most of my businesses in District B and we happen to bring the first grocery store for the first time in Calhoun, so it'll help us. It'll help the people around here not to drive," says Laddie Aulakh.

If alcohol sales do become official on Sundays, it'll mean a whole lot more than just making customers happy.

Police Jury Vice President, Jack Clampit, is hoping the attorney general's office will proceed with this and put this up to a vote to help cities like Calhoun continue to grow.   

"You have more and more people out there today so it gives us a little more tax base to do some of the infrastructure we need in that area. It also means the restaurants than open up are going to be able to serve liquor on Sundays," says Jack Clampit.

This has been addressed to the Attorney General's office but it will take some time before anything happens. But this is still a good start for local businesses.

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