Spring is snake season. What you need to know to avoid a bite.

JACKSON, Ms. (WJTV) - Warm temps are on the rise and so are snakes, searching for a cool place to get out of the heat.

Mississippi is home to 55 different species of snakes and experts say we've got some pretty poisonous ones. That's why wildlife experts encourage people to keep their eyes open.

One way to increase the chances of having snakes close to the house is allowing an area to get overgrown and messy says conservation educator Corey Wright, "What snakes are doing is they're going to find a source of food and to find a cool area, so if you have clutter, that's where rodents go, it's an area where they feel comfortable in."

The rule of thumb is to try and keep areas like a garage organized. Snakes will go behind an air conditioning unit or try to hide in a woodpile. Buying door sweep also helps to keep them from crawling underneath your front door."

If you do find a snake, take a step or two back, turn around and walk away.

Most snake bites tend to be on someone's hands or feet. If a snake does bite, here are three things to do says Wright.

"The first thing is don't panic, if it's venomous you can make the venom move through the body quicker. Second, compress the wound. Three observe the colouration and pattern of the snake."

Mississippi is home to 55 different species of snakes, six of them are venomous. To learn more about these scaly creatures, visit the MS Natural Science Museum right here in Jackson.

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