Political Minute June 5, 2014

WEST MONROE -- Earlier this week we told you that Rodney Alexander has resigned his position as Veterans Affairs Secretary with the Jindal administration, now we know why. Alexander says he's becoming a state and federal government lobbyist.

He will share clients with Jindal's former chief of staff, Paul Rainwater.

Congressman Bill Cassidy is using his first ad for U.S. Senate to target the Affordable Care Act.

In the ad Cassidy claims that members of Congress voted for the ACA without even reading the bill.

Cassidy says he did and says it was clear the ACA would lead to canceled insurance plans and an increase in premiums.

Governor Bobby Jindal is being pressured by some to do away with Common Core standards.

Opponents of Common Core are hoping Jindal uses executive action to remove the state from Common Core and its standardized testing.

Superintendent of Education John White said Jindal doesn't have the legal authority to remove the state from the standards. White said the state education board sets the standards under law.

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