Pilots for Patients Takes Off on 2,000th Flight

Mindy Jones boards a small plane outside the Pilots for Patients hanger and heads to Huston, where she will be treated for cancer.

Jones is taking the 2,000th flight with the non profit organization, which offers free air transportation to those needing medical treatment far away from home.

She says the organization has allowed her to be rested and spend more time with her family while battling cancer.

"It means everything. It means everything to me as a patient. It means everything to me as a mom. It helps to keep our lives normal, as normal as we can," says Jones.

Being a part of the landmark journey is an honor to Jones. She says,"They mean so much to me and my family, so to be here for this milestone is humbling, very humbling."

Jones says it is the kindness of the pilots flying her to her many doctors appointments that helps her keep going. "In this storm, that is what get us through. Knowing there are people out there that truly care about you and they are trying to help you in your time of need."

Jones and her family say they have been so touched by Pilots for Patients that they decided to pay forward money they had raised for her medical treatment to the organization.

Surprisingly, the total they donated equaled exactly $2,000 dollars.

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