One Navy veteran brings his hobby to light at the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum

MONROE, La - Gary Vieaux  is a retired navy veteran who served in key west and is now a volunteer at the Chennualt Aviation and Military Museum. He is having to share the spotlight with a unique and fun hobby of his: building wooden planes.

"I built my first plane in 2011 and just because i like planes and it was a P-51 mustang," says Vieaux.

Vieaux has turned a hobby into a passion project recreating all types of world war two aircraft for the museum and for friends and family.

"I just do it for fun. I mean what else can you do when you're retired?"

He makes each  out of wood. The larger the model--the longer the build.   

"If you make a mistake on wood, all you have to do is glue another piece on it," says Gary.

Several flying tiger pilots have signed a model of the aircraft they flew as have a few of our surviving presidents. 

"It makes an old man feel like a kid. To say 'look who just signed my airplane' and all the people that have signed the airplane, flew them," says Vieaux.

So go by and check his display at the Chennault Museum and yes--you can commission your own model plane--for a price but all proceeds go back to the museum.

"Now I give them to the museum but if they want to give it away, then so be it. They give it away," says Vieaux.

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