Wingstop Unveils Food Truck with Father's Day Celebration

The Wingstop food truck is open for business and just in time for Father's Day.

Alana Belton, the owner of Wingstop food truck, says,"We came up with the idea seeing food trucks are very popular that we would go ahead and try to put Wingstop on wheels."

Families enjoying a day in Kiroli Park can buy wings, fries and drinks with some of the money going toward a good cause. A portion of the proceeds from the Wingstop on wheels will go toward the construction of the Smiles Playground.

The owner of the Wingstop says the playground will be a great addition to the park.

"Its all for the purpose of allowing disabled children to play with children who aren't disabled and be together. I thought that is a wonderful venture to put together for our community," says Belton.  

As part of the Father's Day celebration, the Wingstop food truck hosts the Toughest Dad Atomic Wing Challenge, and two brave dads gear up for the competition.

Justin Brown, a Toughest Dad Atomic Wing Competitor, says, "I'm gonna try to bust a record of my own personal 15 wings atomic from Wingstop. Hopefully I will get it done."

In the end, only one dad is the winner, eating eleven atomic wings.

Timothy Littles, the winner of Toughest Dad Atomic Wing Challenge, says,"I'm surprised I won. I didn't think I would get down as many as I did."

But both dads enjoy a day with good food and their loving families.

"Good job dad and happy Father's day," says Littles' son wrapping his arms around his dad in a big hug. 

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