Web Extra: Plastic Surgeon to Help MS Girl Mauled in Dog Attack

Jackson -- (WLBT) A Mississippi girl who was asked to leave a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant because of her facial scars is getting some medical help.

A Las Vegas doctor flew to Jackson, Mississippi Saturday to meet with her and her family.

Victoria Wilcher's tough spirit has captured hearts worldwide. And it tugged at the heartstrings of a surgeon from across the country who wants to do all he can to help victoria heal.

Dr. Frank Stile met 3-year-old Victoria Wilcher for the first time at Jackson’s Medgar Evers International Airport Saturday.

The plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who trained at UMC and has expertise minimizing scars on professional fighters flew in from Las Vegas just for a few hours to meet this little fighter who was attacked by pitbulls.

"I saw Victoria's story on the news and social media and I was just very affected by it," said Dr. Stile.

Victoria has impacted Dr. Stile so much he's offered his services for free. Lindsey Turk, one of the attorney's representing victoria says she and victoria's family are filled with gratitude.

"I can't thank him enough, I can't thank his staff enough."

Dr. Stile isn't the only one pitching in. He's placed Victoria's picture and story on his foundation's website and says the contributions are overflowing.

"Most notably is Raymond Peter in Naples, Florida, who's a renowned prosthetician. He's donating a prosthetic eye for her."

The plan is to get Victoria to Florida for her new eye within the next week or two. Down the line dr. Stile said he'll likely perform cosmetic procedures on victoria and monitor her facial motor sensory loss.

Victoria's story went viral after her family said she was asked to leave a Jackson KFC because of her scars.

Despite all she's been through, victoria is still an average 3-year-old girl.

"She loves high five's she loves Dr. Seuss books she likes to put her hand on her hip and say girlfriend," said Turk.

A girl facing a long road ahead, made shorter by the kindness of strangers.

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