WEB EXTRA: Panda Help Needed

(CHINA) -- If you like giant panda bears, here's the dream job you've been waiting for.

A panda protection and research center in Southwest China s now taking applications for a panda caretaker.  Caretakers must be 22 years of age and have basic knowledge of pandas, but the ability to speak Chinese is not a requirement.

The job duties are learning how to look after pandas including feeding them and learning how to release pandas born in captivity into the wild.  The job lasts for a year with an annual pay of $32,500.  It includes free working meals, accommodations and the use of an SUV.

The Panda Protection and Research Center wants more people around the world to learn how to protect pandas, especially ones in the wild.  Current caretakers at the center who are part of this program are from Japan, Europe, and the United States.  The center was established in 1980, has three branches and holds over 170 giant pandas which is around 60% of the world's captive panda population.  Applications opened Saturday, May 10, and there will be candidate screenings in four cities including Beijing and Shanghai.  

The website give for applications is in Chinese:  http://fun.sohu.com

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