Web Extra: Neile Jones One on One with Team USA Flag Bearer Todd Lodwick

Sochi, Russia -- KTVE's Neile Jones had a chance to speak with Team USA Flag Bearer Todd Lodwick.

You can see the Opening Ceremonies on KTVE NBC 10 at 6:30 p.m. 

How exciting is it to be chosen the flag bearer?
"It's extremely honorable, I can't wait to get out there and represent the country."

Does it add just that much more knowing how you were nominated?
"Yeah. I got a really great text from a long time friend, John Ruger from the USOC, and we go way back and I know that the words coming through that text, he had a really fun time typing those. For me to receive those, especially from him, was a great honor."

To be the first to represent your sport this way, no doubt that's a big deal.
"For everyone at home, cheer us on. Cheer everyone on. and when the flag comes in, know that it's not only me that you're representing. It's the 230 athletes & the world. You know, we definitely feel it as athletes when you get out of your chair and cheer us on at home."

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